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I remember the TokenPay ICO. I haven’t been involved myself but it was everywhere. There was so much buzz and excitement around it. People were hailing TokenPay as “Better than Bitcoin” and “The Monero killer”. Pretty bold claims to say the least but I’m always down for more utility coins in the market. So what was all the fuss about?

What Is TokenPay?

TokenPay or TPAY is a utility coin that promises to be a coin that can take on the banks. They hope to offer people a much better alternative and make life much more simple. TPAY aim to bring a fast, safe and reliable way to make payments for goods and services as well as facilitating transactions peer to peer. From their own bank and exchange platform to merchant services and debit cards, they’ll do it all. They don’t just want to take part. They want to take over.


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Meet The TokenPay Team:

The TokenPay team is pretty big and is headed up by Derek Capo a former hedge fund analyst and founder of Next Step China, LLC, and Co-Founder of

TokenPay- Better than Bitcoin Or Another Flash In The Pan?

TokenPay- Better than Bitcoin Or Another Flash In The Pan?

TokenPay- Better than Bitcoin Or Another Flash In The Pan?

TokenPay- Better than Bitcoin Or Another Flash In The Pan?

TokenPay- Better than Bitcoin Or Another Flash In The Pan?

They also boast a team of advisors including this lot. Head over to the TokenPay website if you want to read their bios.

TokenPay- Better than Bitcoin Or Another Flash In The Pan?


Coin details:



Total Supply: 19,703,256 TPAY

Max Supply: 25,000,000 TPAY


TokenPay Roadmap:

Heres a glimpse of TokenPays short roadmap. to see the full roadmap check out their website.

TokenPay- Better than Bitcoin Or Another Flash In The Pan?

The Story So Far:

After the ICO and the coin were on the open market it initially did very well. It reached over $8.00 at one point. Not too shabby at all.

However, since then it’s not had a great time overall. At the time of writing TPAY is sitting around 70 cents per coin. Shoutout to all my hodlers crying into their non-fat kale and carrot smoothies. It must hurt.

In fairness, the market has been dire throughout 2018. It doesn’t help though when big names start calling you a scam. This happened with TPAY when Tone Vays put them on blast. You can read about that here. TPAY has also received scathing criticism from many initial investors too. Cries of “BTEC Verge” are still ringing in my ears. Ouch. Many are also unhappy that the ability to send anonymous transactions was found to not be very anonymous at all.

Partnership Controversy:

TPay actually partnered with verge to help out with the bank. They’re going to provide debit cards I believe. They’ve also partnered up with the Litecoin foundation. Again this involved buying up a chunk of the bank WEG bank AG. People in their own community, as well as Vays and co, then queued up to accuse them of being a scam and money laundering ICO funds by buying the bank. Those are some huge accusations.

I get it. Verge has had plenty of scam accusations thrown at them. People think they’re effectively Bitconnect 2.0. Litecoin (a coin which still does absolutely nothing) and the whole Litepay fiasco is also well documented (yes I know Litecoin and the foundation are separate. but they’re also linked). On the face of it, it looks a little bit like a rogues gallery.

And that’s not a good look.

That being said their app is supposedly live and working. I haven’t tried it out for myself or anything. This guy paid for his beers with it though. They’ve also stated their exchange should be live on December 19th. To their credit, they have actually delivered on many deadlines set. It’s just that some things have been met with criticism rather than excitement.

So the question is…

Would I recommend TokenPay?

TokenPay- Better than Bitcoin Or Another Flash In The Pan?

There are definitely good points and bad points to TokenPay. On the one hand, it’s got a service up and running that allows you to pay for goods and services with your TPAY. It’s mostly stuck to its roadmap and is a coin still very early in its development.

Also, the market has been a disaster for the whole of 2018. In fairness to them there most coins are heavily down from their 2017 highs.

On the other hand, there are already coins out there that do pretty much the same thing as TokenPay or very similar. There are better privacy options too for those looking for more privacy for their transactions. Those options don’t have the negativity surrounding them. They don’t have the bad press and claims of being a scam.

I would find it hard at this stage to recommend this coin to anyone. It may do well in the future but that remains to be seen.

I would approach this with caution and only put money into this coin I’m fully prepared to lose. Just in case. Or avoid it altogether. Many people are already sitting on heavy bags and losses over the past year. TokenPay at this point in time doesn’t inspire confidence. However, if it can shake off the negativity and deliver those getting involved now are getting in at a cut-price compared to many ICO investors.


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