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Somewhat easier than traditional candles. Heikin Ashi candles are a lagging candle but very powerful. It removes out all of the noise from a traditional candlestick.

Heikin Ashi Strategy – Trading With Candles:

So what do I mean by that? All you see is green and red. It is a lot easier to find a trend and feel a lot more confident knowing that when you are within the trend, you only get out when it tells you otherwise.

So how does it work?

It’s simple, you got yourself a split trade situation on this method. By using the Stoch and Stoch RSI, you are waiting for a crossover to the upside, that is an entry signal to put 50% of your risked trade in. Once you see 3 confirmed closed bullish candles you put in your remaining 50% and adjust your stop loss accordingly. For more detail on this, watch the video below.


I also mention leverage… I don’t show any platforms but I show the importance of it in getting additional profits. To do well with trading you need a process and a set of rules to follow. This method is one that has both rules and a process to follow. Profit will come with success, but first, you need success and consistency.

So yeah, enjoy the video may require you to take some notes.


You can find more videos over on our technical analysis page.


Get $10 Free Crypto | Open Your Bybit Trading Account Now


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