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Price Action

Over the past week, HedgeTrade saw its price go down by -4.53%. It is below its 20 day moving average by 3.48%, so it’s slightly away. HedgeTrade’s bullish momentum, if assessed by its distance from its 20 day moving average, is roughly middle-of-the-pack relative to the cryptos we’re tracking. In terms of volatility, HedgeTrade exhibits greater price volatility than approximately 22% of coins in our index, so it’s notably less volatile than the other cryptocurrencies we’re monitoring. Based on volatility over the past three weeks, we can expect HedgeTrade to experience a price range in US dollars between 0.7134661 and $0.8248739.

Where to trade HedgeTrade (symbol: HEDG): Gate, Yobit, Stex, Binance, DDEX, ETHfinex

Volume Update

In the week prior, the daily volume for HedgeTrade has ranged between 20,451.4 and 201,195.7 currency units. Over the past three weeks, the trend in volume does not have a clear direction, while the price trend is clearly down. Over the past week, HedgeTrade saw its trading turnover — which we define as average daily trading volume divided by circulating supply — register at 0.04%. Its trading turnover percentage is higher than about 9.89% of the coins we’re tracking, so it’s well below average; this coin may be hard to get into and out of, and thus is suitable only for those interested in holding and exiting slowly and patiently.

Engagement Update

Over the past week, HedgeTrade saw its holders go from 1,383 to 1,389, an increase of 0.43%. And in regards to cumulative transactions logged on the blockchain, they went from 15,661 to 16,065, which amounts to a change of 2.58%. The combined engagement growth rate (growth rate in holders plus growth rate in transfers) of HedgeTrade is thus at 3.01% which, relatively speaking, is ahead of 88.18% of the cryptocurrencies we’re tracking. This could indicate that the coin may be on track to getting and sustaining actual usage.

Technology Development Status

At the moment, HedgeTrade has 5 repositories open to the public on GitHub, with the oldest one now being 1.85 years young. The last recorded update to its public repositories was more than a week ago which is potentially concerning; more than a week without an update may suggest development is too slow. HedgeTrade’s public repositories collectively have a total of 5 watchers, which is very bad on a relative basis; it bests only 7 % of the 100 similar coins in our index. The coin has 1 total outstanding issues across all 5 of its public repositories on GitHub. Its number of watchers, when viewed against its open issues count, is a bit below average, and thus potentially concerning. We view the ratio of open issues on HedgeTrade’s GitHub repos relative to the number of developers who follow its repos as a way to quantitatively assess the health of a coin’s software development processes, and for HedgeTrade we see that it fares better than only 27% of the coins we group HedgeTrade in.

Article by SixJupiter


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