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Are These Ethereum Based Token Wallets A Scam?

The Plus Token is a mobile cryptocurrency wallet platform. On its website, the venture reveals its founder as ‘Mr. Leo’

The Plus Token Wallet primarily targets purchasers residing in Asia.

On this, there’s a graphical roadmap that is written in Chinese. Additionally, the location talks about an event that was recently held in Japan, to the ‘grand opening’ ceremony held in South Korea in September.

The website is accessible in a wide range of languages, including German, Vietnamese, English, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, and Indonesian.

Plus Token Wallet Services + Promises.

Surprisingly, the plus token wallet does not present retail services and products.

As a substitute, affiliates earn commissions by advertising and marketing the affiliate program and recruiting new members for commission and downline growth throughout the company.

The Plus Token Wallet Investment Plan.

After downloading the plus token wallet mobile app, affiliates are ‘told’  they could earn an ROI of 6% to 18% after each month.

Commissions are derived from the month-to-month payments earned by an affiliate and paid out utilizing a unilevel compensation matrix.

A Unilevel Matrix Plan.

This includes a particular affiliate on the high tier, with their recruits on the level beneath.

If the recruit refers a brand new member, the brand new member is added to the third tier, and so forth.

This goes on until the unilevel team has ten tiers, which is the most. The residual commissions are then paid out utilizing the following:

Level 1 – 100%
Level 2 to Level 10 – 10%


To join the Plus Token Wallet as an affiliate is free.

However, members have to take a position with at least $500 investment to earn the month-to-month ROI and residual commissions as mentioned above.

What Do I Think?

Please watch this video to get my full thoughts of how these scams work, I have mentioned 4 different ones within this.

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