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EOS is a blockchain that has at all times raised the expectations of users and investors. Its business strategy has always been fruitful not just for software programming but additionally when it comes to promotion and marketing techniques.

Ever since its inception, EOS was acknowledged as a promising project. At the time it was essentially the most lucrative ICO within the history of cryptocurrencies and had such a powerful hype.

Although enthusiasm declined with the bearish trend of 2018, it did become the best mover with a price hitting $20 in May, and a course of negative propaganda accused the project of being overly centralized, unreliable and even of not being a real blockchain, the team of developers has remained active, coding and promoting its blockchain as among the finest platforms for DApps.

On March 25, 2019, Dan Larimer, CEO of the EOS Foundation gave a lesson of how serious his level of influence amongst traders is and how vulnerable the community is to social phenomena such as FUD and FOMO. Less than ten words were needed to generate a profound enthusiasm in public around an ambiguous concept:

Telegram Announcement

Check out the video below for further details and technical analysis


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