Is UTrust the next big coin?

UTRUST-Can You Really Trust It?

Coin Details: UTrust  Website: https://utrust.io Coin Info: UTRUST can best be described as a gateway between the two worlds of FIAT currency and Cryptocurrency. They will provide...

TokenPay- Better than Bitcoin Or Another Flash In The Pan?

  I remember the TokenPay ICO. I haven't been involved myself but it was everywhere. There was so much buzz and excitement around it. People...

DigiWage: One To Watch?

Coin Details: DigiWage Website: www.digiwage.org Coin Info: DigiWage is the new decentralized freelance arena. The purpose is to empower developers and entrepreneurs as well as freelancers to be their very best. The website...
Digitex- Futures Trading With A Twist 

Digitex- Futures Trading With A Twist 

  Digitex is absolutely buzzing right now. It has enjoyed some serious growth in the last couple of months. It’s gone from 100 satoshi to...
In this article we take a closer look at Ink Protocol.

Ink Protocol – Can It Disrupt The Marketplace?

I'm guessing you may have heard about Ink Protocol (XNK) in the last few days? No? "We are extremely excited to announce that Ink Pay is now available...



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