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Enjin is a Singapore-based information-technology firm founded in 2009. It is among the largest gaming community platforms that helps over 250,000 gaming communities and around 20 million registered gamers.

Internet users, players, and developers demand fast and efficient user interfaces that not only appeals to the human eye but in addition make operations efficient. That is coupled with the need for a reliable platform that keeps their data and intellectual property secure.

As an all-in-one website platform, Enjin may also help build websites, forums, voice servers, donation stores among others. It has various products like Enjin Network, Enjin Wallet, EnjinX and Efinity.

Enjin Network is a content management system & social platform that revolves around gaming protocols and platforms.

Enjin Coin

Enjin Wallet is the official Enjin wallet that can store crypto coins and collectables.

EnjinX is a web-based universal blockchain explorer, built with a focus on user experience, pace, and ease of use.

Efinity is Enjin’s solution to the scaling issues within the Ethereum blockchain. It supports various Ethereum tokens and offers end to end e-commerce options.

The Enjin team comprises of technology and crypto coin enthusiasts. With Maxim Blagov and Witek Radomski as the founders of the company, they intend to introduce many years of experience in the field of gaming technology, game development and security.

The team at Enjin developed a crypto coin known as Enjin Coin for transactions related to the digital goods created by them. The developers of the digital currency envision it to be the most usable crypto coin for the gaming industry.

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Get $10 Free Crypto | Open Your Bybit Trading Account Now


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