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Wait, What?

I know that is some statement isn’t it. Well, that is what the brainchild behind Ethereum had to say about it.

Vitalik Buterin the programmer behind Ethereum took a few swipes at the team and project Bitcoin SV branding it “A Dumpster Fire”

Ethereums Vitalik claim Bitcoin SV is a dumpster fire.
Ethereums Vitalik claim Bitcoin SV is a dumpster fire.

This all came about after Vitalik was asked his thoughts on Bitcoins involvement with the lightning network.

Vitalik doesn’t like or believe in POW (Proof – Of – Work)

In this conversation on Twitter Vitalik also said he no longer believes in the algorithm, However, whilst he and the rest of us remain positive about the future for crypto and the technology currently being developed the same couldn’t be said for Bitcoin SV.

Ethereums Vitalik claim Bitcoin SV is a dumpster fire.


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This isn’t the first time Vitalik and Bitcoin SV have clashed. I think it is fair to say that Vitalik and Dr Craig Wright one of the driving forces behind BSV will never become best friends.

On the 12th November Vitalik had this to say about Wright.

“Craig Wright absolutely should have a voice. But so do all of us laughing at his stupidity ”

When questioned about Vitalik, Wright responded with this:

“I do not follow ETH or Vitalik – they have added nothing, coded nothing of value, understand nothing of bitcoin, cannot grasp POW (proof of work) and have a retrograde bitcoin mutant. So, no, I do not follow anything he does.”

Both coins have spent much of their existence aiming for the number two spot as the biggest alternative to Bitcoin.

However, whilst both have enjoyed some degree of success, Ethereum has long been the favorite with many ICOs and developers favoring this over Bitcoin Cash.

Recent loses for Bitcoin, which interestingly came the day after the Bitcoin Cash hard fork seemed to spark yet another war of words between Ethereum and Bitcoin SV.

Which coin do you think will be Bitcoins biggest rival?

Personally, I don’t think it will be either but time will tell.

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