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Bitcoin safety and general security of your accounts is a very important area in crypto. There have been many examples whereby both investors and exchanges have been targeted by hackers.

That’s why it’s important to keep your crypto as safe as possible. There are plenty of different ways you can do this. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to stay secure in the digital world.

Bitcoin Safety – General Security.


Bitcoin Safety- How To Secure Your Crypto

General security covers many of the areas most people wouldn’t even think of when working in crypto or the digital world in general. Even before you’ve set up accounts or got a wallet for your bitcoin or crypto. You might want to think about your devices, networks and the security on them when connecting to your accounts. We’re going to take a look at the two most vulnerable areas below.


Emails need to be secure. Try to use hard passwords. Add in special characters, random capitals and things like that. This will make your email harder to crack. I would recommend getting 2-factor authentication (2FA) even for your email. 2FA is very simple to use and set up.

It is exactly how you would imagine it. It’s basically an extra layer of authenticating who you are. This is usually done by an app so you can input a 2fa code or it can be a fingerprint or other biometric identifier. two of the most commonly used are the Google Authenticator app which can be downloaded to your Android or iPhone or you can use Authy.


Where you access the Internet is also a big deal. Logging into your wallet or exchange on an unsecured network is risky. So always use a network you know is secure. Also, ensure that the sites you visit are the right ones. Phishing emails that send you to duplicate sites to grab your passwords and keys to gain access to steal your bitcoin. Always look for the SSL security mark. If it’s got a padlock next to the URL it’s secure.

Wallet And Exchange Safety In Cryptocurrency.


Bitcoin Safety- How To Secure Your Crypto

Exchanges and wallets are targeted by hackers routinely. This is because they know that many people don’t secure their accounts very well. Again with both exchanges and your wallet add that extra layer of security by using 2FA.

It takes you an extra few seconds to log in but it could be what saves your bitcoin. you may want to think about setting security questions too.

Some exchanges prompt you to do it when filling out your profile after joining a new exchange. Pick questions not easily able to be guessed by others. A quick scan of a Facebook or Twitter account can show which sports team you follow as an example so perhaps avoid simple answers like that. Also when picking a wallet. Look to see if it has a feature known as a vault. This again is just another layer to protect your coins.

Keeping Cryptocurrency Safe – Cold Storage.


Bitcoin Safety- How To Secure Your Crypto

Cold storage is one of the best ways to keep your coins safe. Keeping all your coins on a centralized exchange isn’t recommended because of frequent hacking attempts. Cold storage is ideal for storing your profits and your long-term holdings separately from what you use day to day.

You can pick up a cold storage device from almost anywhere these days. Amazon and eBay have loads but we wouldn’t recommend this. Many people have bought storage devices online which have been tampered with.

The best option to keep our Bitcoin safe is to buy directly from the manufacturer.

Two of the most highly recommended and popular choices can be brought directly from Trezor and Ledger.

Setting them up can be a bit tricky if you are a novice but there is plenty of help available. Again for security, you’ll be given a set of keys. Keep those safe. If you lose them you lose your coins.

Bitcoin Safety- How To Secure Your Crypto

Also another option for those of you wanting something completely offline you can get paper wallets. Paper wallets are usually a paper or plastic wallet that contains your public and private keys and addresses.

They will also likely have a QR code to enable quick scanning if you ever want to send or spend your coins. This is a form of cold storage meaning it’s completely detached from the internet. Just be sure not to lose them. Keep them in a safe place to avoid them being stolen and used. You can pick one up at bitcoin paper wallet or Wallet Generator.

Bitcoin safety is very important.

You want to keep your bitcoin and other cryptos safe. Following just some of the advice above can be the difference that stops you losing your crypto. You can find lots more useful information from the Low Cap Crypto team to help you on your way here 


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