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Basic Attention Token (BAT) is aiming to completely revolutionize the way digital advertising is done. Currently, advertisers, publishers and users are being screwed when it comes to digital advertising. Users pay more data fees. Consequently, They use more battery life. Also, they are exposed to malware and have their privacy violated routinely.

Advertisers end up wasting money on poor targeting because of the lack of quality information. Subsequently, Publishers have to deal with fraud and companies like Google and Facebook dominating ad revenue. BAT plan to change all that.


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Basic Attention Token- The Concept.

Basic Attention Token- A Digital Advertising Revolution 

Basic Attention Token aims to improve the efficiency of digital advertising with their token using the Ethereum blockchain.

BAT token is to be used in exchange for advertising services and other attention based services on the BAT platform. Furthermore, it’s all focused around the user’s attention.

You might be thinking “how does creating a token on the Blockchain change anything?”. Quite simply, their plan of attack is two-pronged.

Firstly, the token is utilized as a way to reward users, publishers, and advertisers allowing them to use the tokens for digital advertising services. Then comes the Brave browser.

Brave Browser.

Basic Attention Token- A Digital Advertising Revolution 

The Brave browser is in my opinion nothing short of genius. Above all, it is an open source browser that better monitors user attention and their interests. Also, It monitors the attention and interests of the user in real time.

As a result, it gives the users a better more relevant advertising experience. It also rewards them for the ads they watch. And it gives publishers and advertisers a much better-targeted audience. Effectively tailor made to find the right users for their content using the companies algorithms.

Users can use the BAT’s awarded for premium content or to support their favorite sites. Publishers receive the lions share as revenue and reward advertisers who also bring users to the party.

The Story So Far.

Since 2016 these guys have come a long way. They have over 4.6M monthly active users and 400,000 BAT wallets. They already have over 25,000 verified publishers including 11,000+ YouTube channels with over 180M subscribers.

On top of all that they have partnerships with DuckDuckGo, Twitch, the Dow Jones media group and YouTube Stars Bart Baker and Philip DeFranco who have over 15 million subscribers between them.

The Team.

BAT has an all-star cast with a massive amount of experience and is headed up by the guy who created JavaScript and co-founded Mozilla and Firefox.

Basic Attention Token- A Digital Advertising Revolution 

Basic Attention Token- A Digital Advertising Revolution 

Basic Attention Token- A Digital Advertising Revolution 

Basic Attention Token- A Digital Advertising Revolution 

Basic Attention Token- A Digital Advertising Revolution 

The Specifics.



Total supply:  1,500,000,000 BAT

Circulating supply: 1,000,000,000 BAT

Basic Attention Token has huge potential. More and more online users are becoming conscious of their online privacy and the potential risks. Publishers and advertisers are always looking out for better conversions and better quality targeting. I can see this utility token being one that stands the test of time.

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