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Price Action

Since last week, Augur’s price went up by 19.62%. It is above its 20 day moving average by 25.72%, so it’s a bit of a ways off. Augur’s bullish momentum, if assessed by its distance from its 20 day moving average, is well above average relative to its peers, and thus may be a sign the market for the coin is overheating and due to correct downwards. Regarding volatility, Augur is more volatile than roughly 69% of coins in our index, so traders can expect a bit more volatility than usual. If volatility over the past three weeks is any indication of what’s to come, we can expect Augur to bounce between 6.794373 and $10.49783 US dollars per coin.

Where to trade Augur (symbol: REP): Gate, Yobit, Stex, Binance, DDEX, ETHfinex

Volume Update

In the week prior, the daily volume for Augur has ranged between 336,241.2 and 1,317,708 currency units. Over the past three weeks, the trend in both volume and price have clearly been up. Augur experienced a turnover rate of about 6.74% over the past week, which means that is the percent of its available money supply that is traded daily. This turnover rate is higher than approximately 84.21% of the cryptocurrencies we monitor, which means it’s far above average and thus a good coin for those interested in active trading or being able to get out of the market if they need to.

Engagement Update

Augur saw the number of wallets holding its coin go from 14,281 to 14,628 over the past week — a change of 2.43%. And in regards to cumulative transactions logged on the blockchain, they went from 204,741 to 208,814, which amounts to a change of 1.99%. The combined engagement growth rate (growth rate in holders plus growth rate in transfers) of Augur is thus at 4.42% which, relatively speaking, is ahead of 91.53% of the cryptocurrencies we’re tracking. This could indicate that the coin may be on track to getting and sustaining actual usage.

Technology Development Status

Augur currently has 30 public repos on GitHub, with the oldest one clocking in at 4.92 years young. Its last public update to any of its repositories was within the past day, which is pretty good, as it suggests the coin is still under active and rapid technical development. Augur’s public repositories collectively have a total of 1606 watchers, which is very impressive; that’s more than 81 % of the top 100 coins we compare it to. The coin has 535 outstanding issues in the backlog awaiting to be addressed by the core development team. Relative to the number of watchers it has, though, its open issues count is quite poor, and may potentially indicate some concern that the software is at risk of not being updated fast enough. Our hypothesis that the open issue/watcher ratio may be of some value in assessing the healthiness of a coin’s software development process, and for Augur, this ratio was better than a mere 19 % of the similar coins we track in our index.

Article by SixJupiter


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