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So 7 methods to earn cryptocurrency. I must give out a disclaimer first though. You must educate yourself first before aiming to attempt any of these methods to earn cryptocurrency. If you have no idea about cryptocurrency that is a must. Also please ensure you watch the video at the bottom of this article.

Method 1)

Investing – Buying low and selling high. The ability to find a coin from the research of fundamentals and development within a coin to create hype and interest from buyers. To be able to flip a coin from the purchase price to a higher price is number one.

Method 2)

Mining – This requires a lot of extra knowledge. You need to take into account a lot of different factors about it. Hardware, Electricity costs, Mining rewards of a coin and so on. It’s a risky game without knowledge.

Method 3)

Staking – The ability to stake a coin, this requires some knowledge and research to find a coin that allows the ability to stake it. More you have the more you can earn.

Method 4) 

Airdrops & Bounties – This one is the easiest, doing a simple task, often easy like joining the Telegram channel or sending a referral link out. Often the coins are not heard of or on bad exchanges so ensure you do research.

Method 5)

Masternodes – Again a lot of research required. Risky, very risky but can pay you some nice passive income if you find a great masternode. However, it requires the volume to be able to convert back into Bitcoin.

Method 6) 

Trading – The hardest one, one that requires mental strength and a lot of commitment to education. Education is key for this one.

Method 7)

Hacking people! This can happen to you!! Do not give away your keys, your 2FA, and all that important stuff, or those hackers will be making crypto via you!

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Get $10 Free Crypto | Open Your Bybit Trading Account Now


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