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Masternodes are a hot topic right now it seems. Despite very few people even knowing what a masternode was even 6 months ago there has been a bit of an influx of late of companies emerging looking to capitalize on the interest.

There are those of you out there though who prefer to keep your investment in your own control.

This is obviously a much safer option. With a good bit of research and some luck, you can make some serious gains with masternodes.

Now there are plenty of masternodes out there. Loads.

Masternodes online on its own has around 400 listed currently and they add to that daily.

How to research a masternode, where is the best place to look? Which is the best masternode?

Some masternodes can be pretty pricey for example a dash masternode will currently cost you around $150,000. Others you can pick up for a dollar.

Knowing which ones to pick up for a great price that have bags of potential for growth can be tricky.

Here I’ve thrown together my list of the top 5 I think you would be crazy to pass up on right now.


These are 5 great Masternodes available today which offer some great potential.

Firstly Mano is a platform that lets users host or take part in shared masternodes.

They have various options for hosting nodes for people for a variety of coins including their own.

Also, many investors though choose to host their own. At current prices, a Mano masternode will set you back around $1200-1400 for 1000 coins which is around 0.2 BTC.

Setting up is very simple and as a result you can get a copy of the masternode set up guide via their discord. It’s a very simple bash install script and you’ll be able to have your masternode up and running in under an hour.

Mano has a great development team behind it that are present on social media and in the discord and recently attended some blockchain events to spread the word.

3 months ago this node would have cost you over $10,000 so for me, this node is a massive bargain.

You can find out more information about Mano here

Bitcoin Incognito (XBI)

These are 5 great Masternodes available today which offer some great potential.

Bitcoin Incognito (XBI) was taken over after the original developers abandoned the project.

It aims to deliver a more private version of bitcoin that is fast, secure and completely private.

XBI have also adopted zero chain protocol to make sure users will not be subjected to the normal privacy invading analytics that you get when using normal bitcoin.

You need 3000 coins to bag yourself an XBI masternode which will cost you around $250 at the time of writing this.

Currently, it pays approximately 170% return per year. XBI is a little bit of a high-risk investment because as of writing the development team are not known.

However, the development team has assured that an updated whitepaper with the dev teams credentials will be ready in due course.

Get more info about XBI here

Printex (PRTX)

These are 5 great Masternodes available today which offer some great potential.

Printex is a printing and textile platform with big ambitions. From basic T-shirt printing to 3D printing their aim is to dominate and corner the blockchain market in this niche.

Printex is the first in its field to jump into and adopt blockchain technology making it simple and easy to design and ship products to customers all over the world. It already has a working platform which is a bonus.

You need 10,000 PRTX for a masternode which will set you back around $300 and because the setup process is pretty easy as well as that they have a strong community on Discord willing to help assist not many run into too many problems.

Find out more information about Printex here 

Hempcoin (THC)

These are 5 great Masternodes available today which offer some great potential.

Hempcoin is a coin that wants to provide the cannabis, hemp and tobacco industries with a decentralized payment solution and a real-world banking solution they hope will help them to be more mainstream.

Established in 2014 it’s been a long road for them. They recently underwent a coin swap to implement instant transactions and allow for masternodes.

You need 50,000 THC to run yourself a masternode and that will cost you around $1500.

It’s a relatively low earning node paying out around only 57% per year at current prices.

THC is a coin with serious potential that many would agree is undervalued right now. In the long term, I expect investors buying in at current prices to make a tidy profit with this node.

Check them out here

Apollon coin (XAP)

These are 5 great Masternodes available today which offer some great potential.

I saved one of the best for last.

Apollon coin or XAP is similar to Mano.

First of all, Apollon are a platform dedicated to hosting a variety of masternodes. Also, their aim is to simplify masternodes bringing them to a more mainstream customer base.

They want everyone regardless of experience or technical expertise to benefit from the passive income masternodes provide.

Their development team is great and they are very active on their social media channels. Their node builder allows users to set up nodes on the go. This means more mainstream crypto enthusiasts becoming involved in masternode projects.

At current prices, it will cost you around $300 to purchase the 25,000 XAP needed to run your node and that will pay out approximately 100% in a year at current rates but as this coin grows in popularity it’s price will continue to rise as a result potentially netting investors a fortune.

Find out more about XAP here

As always be sure to do your own research when looking to invest in any Cryptocurrency/masternode.

While there is plenty of opportunity for passive income in masternodes they do carry risks.

As a result this article is not to be taken for investment advice, therefore, it is important that you do your own due diligence checks.

For those of you who want to know more about how masternodes work and how they are able to make passive income possible you can find out more about masternodes here



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  1. Hi
    Bitcoinincognito has succesfully applied for KYD and has brought out a Whitepaper. So info is bit outdated in meantime.

    Michael -X
    Head of Taskforce Bitcoin Incognito

    • Hey buddy thanks for your comment. I know there is a whitepaper but the whitepaper makes no mention of the identity of the dev team so it needs updating. I’ve also seen the announcement about KYD and once that’s implemented and we know who everyone is then I can update the article.

    • they also need to update the website. id like to see real names and images of the team. looks much more professional that way. its great that they’re making the step towards transparency. im a big fan of the coin myself.


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